Train Seat Love Affair -  Background Information


This song was written in my younger years most probably in my early twenties. At the time I was working in Amsterdam and travelling 5 days a week to work with the train.

I think I must have suffered from excessive production of testosterin as I was very easily attracted to the opposite sex. The daily trip on the train was an ideal opportunity to spot and fantasize about relationships with various passengers. This particular story is about such a meeting with a lady in a train in which no words were spoken. But many exchanges were made both physically and also just by looking at each other. It describes a situation of a full commuter train whereby the rocking motion of the train leads to legs brushing against one another. The action heats up as the train moves for one station to the next. Finally the young lad, who I guess is me, jumps up and walks to the doorway not being able to handle the excitement of the moment. While trying to recover my composure in the middle compartment of the carriage the lady in question shows up and just smiles with a twinkle in her eye.

In my fantasy world we were already lovers, but in reality we were complete strangers and had not said a word to each other. We the traindoors opened we smiled at each other and went our sepearate ways