A Thousand Miles From Home Music & Lyrics Chris James C2015

Its Monday morning, I'm late for school

The head teacher is not amused

I scuffed my shoes on stones in the gutter

Cause I aint got nothin to loose

For some reason I just dont fit in

Whatever I do, well I can never win

Being on the outside of everything

Doing drugs, sleeping rough

And writing sad songs to sing

I'm out on the road traveling on own

and a thousand miles from home

When my life is done

And I am dead and gone

I walked to the depths of hell and back

And still I dont really understand

Why my mouth is cruel and my words cause pain

But that's the way that I was made

Into the distance I'll fade

Got a pain in my head from drinking beer

And smoking strange cigarettes

With no pride, no self esteem

What doom shall the future thou bring

Raise your glass and take a sip of wine

Three cheers for all those folks who toe the line

I hope you're not offended by what I do

I'm only being me

And I hope you're being you