A song specially written for you?

Let me first introduce myself, I am a singer/songwriter from Cardiff in Wales and I now live in The Netherlands. Over the past 30 years I have written over 80 songs. You can read more information and listen to some rough recordings of my material on this website.

Most of my songs are basically short stories relating to events that I or people near me have experienced. However I also write songs about stories that I´ve picked up from strangers, or via newspaper articles or even fictitious stories made up on the spur of the moment.

Although I am not a signed artist, I am very passionate about songwriting and always on the look-out for a compelling story to use a the basis for a song.

If you have an interesting and gripping story that you would like to submit as input for a song, then please accept this invitation under the terms described below. I can’t promise that every story will result in a song, but as long as I can relate to it then I will do my best and you will receive a copy of the lyrics and a MP3 rough recording.

What does it cost? Absolutely nothing, it´s free of charge.

Terms & Conditions

What will you receive?

What will you not receive?

Please send your story together with some information about yourself to the email address shown on this website. christopher.john.james@gmail.com

I will not reveal the full identity of people in my songs unless they are public figures. Further, I will not process any material that is intended to insult or otherwise cause damage or distress to others.

Look forward to receiving your stories.

Best regards, Chris