Sofie                                                    music & lyric by chris james 1986


As a social welfare worker

In a land with few needing care

It's not surprising

That your making problems from thin air

Well there's not an awful lot that I can do

To convince you that my love for you was true


Into the port of Hong Kong

I came with much desire

To reunite our friendship

And to see your pretty smile

For half an hour we talked then said good-bye

And that left me with and empty feeling inside


Sofie,  Sofie, I knew that we were drifting

Sofie, Sofie, my love for you is sinking

But it doesn't really matter anymore

For you left me, while I held the door


A romance was diverted

My fortune had to change

You can run away from people

But you can't run from loves pain

I guess I'll have to face it like a man

While I let my sorrow fill my almost empty pen


This song was written in a moment of despair

So you should not take it too seriously

It was only an emotional flare

Tomorrow I'll feel happy once again

While the memory of you

Gently fades away