Mystical Myrthe For Rik & Reina 3 Feb. 1999



Mystical Myrthe sleep don’t you cry

Drink up your bottle then we’ll say good night

Here’s mummy and daddy and pussy cat too

Sleep little Myrthe

There’s dreaming to do


Mystical Myrthe don’t be affraid

We won’t desert you, we won’t betray

Cause all of our loving is coming your way

So mystical Myrthe

There’s no time to waste


When night’s are long and your nappy is full

We’ll be right by your side

When friends come around drinking and singing

And we having a real good time


Mystical Myrthe our beautiful child

Give us a hic-cup and then a big smile

Soon you will grow up and have your own friends

‘till then dear Myrthe just sleep and pretend



¾  D | D | D | Bm | Bm9 | Am7 | D7 | G | Cmaj7 |C6

   Cism | Fis | Bm | D/E  | E  | Em7 | Em | Bes7 A|D | |D-5 | D | D-5


Middle 8

¾ Gm | Gm | C | C | F | F | Dm | Dm | A9 | A9 | D |

     D | G| Bes | A | A |



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