Long Time Coming Music & Lyrics by Chris James C2012

I feel my time is coming

It wont be long now

The time has come to make amends

Just dont know with who and how

A life of crime I did lead

I stole, raped and plundered

Robbed a bank in Arizona

Used dynamite just like thunder

The sheriff arrived much too late

I'd fled the scene of the crime

Over the border to Mexico

Where they would search but never find

Life was good and friends were many

Money was not a problem

Women circling like birds of prey

Waiting for some custom

I spent my time on sin and sex

Had no regrets at all

Till one day I saw an image of myself

In the mirror on the wall

Is this who you are?

Is this what you have become?

And  nothing I could answer

For nothing good I had ever done

Was it a moment of reflection

Or a token of sheer love

Something unexpected

Maybe something from above

How could a common criminal

Come to realize

That the secret to a better life

Is staring you in the eye

You may think that I became man of religion

But that would be a lie

I just figured it out all for myself

And now  I know the reason why

I have searched my life for something

That money just cant buy

They call it love and happiness

And I sure need some before I die