The Jajum Song        music & lyrics by chris james c2010



Its Friday night and there's a session on in Hoorn

The a back line setup and a piano all switched on

Peter Jajum is in the mood

His bluesharp talent not fully understood

While Ente takes position behind the drums

Thank god Larry and Ina didn't come!


Come down and bring your friends along

We gonna have some fun and sing some country songs

With that crazy guitar pickin'

And a walking bass that's cookin'

We're gonna strike groove than nice and tight

Well everything's gonna work out fine tonight


The Georgie on the bass

And Steve Phillips on guitar

They're playing a 12 bar blues

And I think it's in Aah

The Meijer sisters like to sing along

While Marlies waits for her favorite song

Peter and Andre are arguing and wanna fight

That's the scene in Jajum on Friday nights


There's a lady over there crying at the bar

Her tears are drawing lines with her mascarra

Life can be such a drag when the good times are gone

And depression is back

That's just the way it has to be

I feel sorry for her, 

But glad that it's not me


Ina just walked on through the door

She'll wanna few drinks then she'll want some more

Soon she will start her fiendish stalking

And if she don't like your kind of talkin'

She gets angry and starts to scream


Its 2 oçlock in the morning and we're knocking back the beers

The session's finished and so are we, oh dear!

Then Peter Jajum starts to rap

About his health and some horeca crap

That's the way the sessions always end

Just poor yourself a beer then go home to bed