The Jajum Song -  Background Information


This song is all about my local pub in Hoorn. It is currently called Satchmo, however in the “bad” old days it was formerly known as Jajum.

Both in the Jajum period and as Satchmo quite often Jamsessions would materialize on the Friday evenings. Sometimes they would go on into the early hours depending on the atmosphere. The song describes a number of real characters that used to or still do frequent the bar.

I dont go there too much myself these days as I no longer live in Hoorn in the weekends, but it would be impossible to forget the Jajum jam-sessions. I'm sure I won't be offending anyone with this song. If so I guess I'll just have to defend my right to freedom of speech or something like that.

Before Laurens and I re-started Lakeside Stories in Het Park we did one complete season of singer-songwriter evenings in Jajum which was very cosy or “gezellig” as they say in Dutch. Unfortunately the bar was a bit too small for the amount of people we would have liked to attract and hence we moved our activity to the local Theater Het Park in Hoorn. Every now and then we go back to Jajum to play for fun. I guees you could say it is a place with a history!