Indestructible - Background Information

In february 2012 I had the misfortune of breaking my right arm in two places while ice skating on the frozen waterways of North Holland.

As an temporary substitute for the guitar which I was unable to play for a few months, I purchased a very cheap banjo which I used to compose 2 songs. The first banjo song was entitled Long Time Coming and using the traditional banjo G tuning. This song Indestructible was written a few days later and is set in a minor key for which I experimentally detuned the short and 5th string of the banjo down to a flattened third.

The song Indestructible is about modern day warfare and in particular the often cowardly approach and the ruthless methods used by the “civilized” world to fight their pathetic wars overseas. In my opinion the world is a very unstable place and war is not the way to move forward. Nobody and no country is indestructible despite what our politicians would like us to believe.