You're Not Indestructible Chris James C2012

You're Not Indestructible     Music & Lyrics Chris James C2012

Wars are raging all aound

And peace is far to find

How many wives and children

Did they leave behind

For valour and bravery

A medal you can win

But how do you sleep at night

How do you feel within

You´re not indestructible

You´re not indestructible

Everybody is arguing

They´re looking for a fight

They think they know what matters

They think they know what´s right

Policitcal idealism

And religion leads to war

They don´t  play by the rules

They lay down their own law

Yet they´re not indestructible

They´re not indestructible

Whether you’re a sergent in the Army

Or a naval man at sea

A pilot in a bomber plane

On a night sortie

Even if you’re a politician

In the luxury of your home

With your finger on the trigger

Of some lethal airborne drone

You´re not indestructible, no you´re not indestructible