Gameboy -  Background Information


Well my son Dylan was the trigger for this song. When he was about 7 or 8 years old he had decided that he wanted a Gameboy which was the latest games gadget comprising of a small LCD screen and some very basic graphical games like pac-man etc.

Being a very persuasive kid, and me being a very obliging papa, normally he would have got his Gameboy without much problem. However he was out of luck as I had just seen a TV documentary which was raising the alarm, and warning parents of the detrimental effects of these type of games on children in general. Some of the so called symptoms described in the documentary I had already seen emerging in my son and I was convinced that a Gameboy would only make things worse and turn my kid into a game zombie and be complicant in anti-social behaviour. Hence my mind was made up and I was determined to keep the evils of the Gameboy away from my son.

As I said Dylan had become very good at getting his way with both his mum and dad and would go to almost any length to get what he wanted. This resulted in a stand-off which I think lasted a month or so, within which time Dylan had stepped up his pursuit of the Gameboy using everything he had up his sleeve to get what he wanted. I can remember feeling very embarrassed as he would tell his school friends what a Scrudge I was and how he would like to trade me in for somebody with a sense of reason.

After weeks of stand-off I finally gave in, probably under pressure from his mum and bought him the Gameboy. However he also got this song to go along with it, which was my way of saying that the real game he should indulge in is the game of reality.