A Lady In A Dressing Grown   Music & Lyrics by Chris James 2009

When I was only a little kid
I had a job on the other side of town
I'd get ujp at the crack of dawn
To do my newpaper rounds

Most of the folks were still sleeping then
When the newspapers hit the floor
Except for the lady on the corner house
Would always open the door

I think she knew I had a crush on her
Though she was more than twice my age
She would bend down in her dressing gown
And then smile at my blushing face

One day I left my country
I walked over to the other side
Left all my friends and family there
Yes I left them all behind

Now and again I get a phone call
They ask me if I'm allright
I tell them I'm not doing too bad
I guess I tell em that I'm doing fine

I try to make a living
I've got a job with a car
I'm driving all aound the place
Well I'm driving it much too far

The other day I bought a house somewhere
I wanted to settle down
If I could only find someone
Like that lady in the dressing gown