Communist Orphans         music & lyrics by Chris James 1990


How long does it take before you look in the lake
And see you're going nowhere now

It's never to late to correct a mistake

And use it to help somehow

Yet it takes a positive mind to correct itself

And put the past far behind


But who cares, who cares

About the millions of communist orphans out there

Who shares, who shares

We only see the pictures of  Tianaman Square

So who cares, about the reds


A labourer's dream

Came onto the scene

And it took us all by suprise

Nobody knew just how big it grew

Until half the world was sucked up inside

Now there's no room for fun

In that second to none

Political party in rule, so who cares..




Well they pulled down the wall

And said goodbye to it all

Yet there is always someone left behind

They are sitting at home

Their reputation has gone

Leaving memories of a wasted life

Now there sons and their daughters

Have big chips on their shoulders

'Cause their parents where on the wrong side