Caribbean Greetings -  Background Information


This song was written about 25 years ago while I was renting a room at a friends house. I had locked myself up for a few evenings and came up with something really weird.

Recently I re-visited the song and developed at film plot from it. The bit about the Christmas card and the visit to Jamaica is all true which did inspire me to write this song.

Film Plot by Chris James C2012

The opening scene depicts the world as we know it anno 2012 with political wars, religious wars and

military wars raging all around the world. Terrorism, international crime, modern-day slavery,

hunger, religious idealism and financial crisis are all in abundance.

A singer/songwriter in Europe receives a Christmas Card from a friend he made while on

vacation in Jamaica.

Promted by the Christmas Card and inspired his first real-life acquaintance with a third world

country he writes a song about the deprevation and unequality in the world and stumbles on

a possible solution to resolve all our worldly issues just in a few days. He imagines that if the

planet Earth was invaded by aliens and our world and complete existence as the human race

were to become under immediate threat then maybe everyone may just forget all their differences

and own selfish interests and work together to defend a common cause, ie to survive as a race and

as a planet.

He writes some lyrics to that effect, puts them to music and posts his little song on his singer/

songwriter website.

Just by chance, some highly ranked ex politicion, (possibly someone like Al Gore) stumbles on

the song and develops the storyline further. Knowing many worldly leaders and people in high

places from personal experience he puts together a clandestine team consisting of strategically

well placed people from the world media, governments, the military elite, intelligence agencies,

the police force, religious leaders and a film director who all get together and collude to come up

with a comspiracy plot to fool the whole world into believing that we are being attacked by aliens

and that we could be wiped out within 7 days. The plot works and soon an international task

force is formed by the US, the EU, Russia and China to combat the alien attack. The international

team are however unable to work effectively without the full support of all the countries,

religions, political parties and military forces. As the extra terrestrial threat intensifies the

international task force widens and even countries like Iran and North Korea get involved. Later

it even extends to militant organisations like the Columbian FARQ who offer their experience in

jungle warfare which may be required when combating the mythical intruders. Soon the mafia

and Islamic Terrorist movements also follow suit. Finally there are no worldly elements working

against the cause except the clandestine team who initially came up with the plot.

The international task force and resulting world collaboration cannonballs and without any

limitations imposed by the self interest of nations and political economic powers, all of a sudden

we start to discover that technology and innovation is making enormous leaps forward where

we had previously stood still for many years. New fuels are discovered over night (held back for

years by the oil companies), electricity can be produced at no cost, even older technologies like

levitation are re-invented and put to good use.

Although the plot is very well planned and executed the huge momentum to defend the world

has now become so big that the plot is eventually uncovered and the world leaders are now faced

with a new dilemma, either continue the collaboration without the threat of aliens or return to

where we came from.

In the final scene of the film is a set in Jamaica where the singer/songwriter is singing his song Caribbean

Greetings on the beach to his friend. Although his song is finally becoming populair, he has

absolutely no idea that his song was responsible for triggering the events which lead the world to

a new era.