Cardiff Re-Visited  -  Background Information

I grew up in Cardiff until I was almost 17 years old when I started travelling around Europewith various bands. After a few years of touring, I finally moved over to Holland and was later joined by my Cardiff friends Steve Phillips and Ian Moffatt. . This song is one of my more recent compositions and was written to describe my memories of Cardiff and my time growing up there.

As a young kid I was in the Church Choir at St.Annes Church in Roath, where I later played the organ as I stand in for the organ master Paul Hallot.
Although I am not a religious person and have developed a deep dislike for all religions, I still have fond memories of that period.

As a youth I attended Howardian High School and as I grew more into my mid-teens, I found myself hanging out in Roath Park Lake area in the evenings and participating in various kinds of destructive activities that bored children get up to; like occasionally throwing stones at the greenhouses etc

I haven't been back to Cardiff for about 15 years, so this song was intended to jog my memory of that City. Recently I did visit Cardiff virtually via Google Earth, and was surprised how clear the resolution was for the Cardiff area. The lighthouse in Roath Park Lake is easily recognizable. A good tip for all those ex-pats out there!