Building Bridges -  Background Information


This song was written about a very strange management training I once received from my employer. I had been ear-marked as a HIPO ie someone with high potential. Hence I was sent to an interesting management training that would last for the best part of 18 months. In this period we had various kinds of training sessions. Usually in the luxurious setting of a country hotel in or forest or somewhere. The downside of the training was that they had also enlisted a bunch of psychologists or office shrinks to observe the students behaviour under various types of situations including stress and conflict. Their report would later be used to confront us with their analysis of our behavior and be used as an advice on whether we would be suitable candidates to become a manager.

One of the training sessions involved a survival course in whichour group was dropped at the edge of a large forest in the evenin, the ide being that we had to surviveand find our way through the forest by night, sleep somewhere in the middle and make a rendezvouspickup point by 11.00 the next morning. We didnt have any tent or shelter, just a sleeping bag. It was the middle of February so also not too warm.

It was a great laugh and we first found a pub, got really drunk then headed off into the forest after closing time. One man was a bit afraid to enter the forrest at dark and suggested we get back to our country house hotel and snuggle into bed and get a taxi the next morning to the rendezvous point. A very creative guy apparently, and exceptionally suitable as manager. However we decidednot to heed his advice and continueinot the woods. It was great fun and there were loads of arguments, jokes and laughs along the way.

This song is about our adventures one of which was to build a bridge over a river, something which didn't come easy to a bunch of IT people. The Psychologist report wasn't too good for my carreer and I decided perhaps management was not the best place for me within the organisation.