When Mother Nature Plays Her Evil Tricks Background Information Music & Lyrics Chris James C2012

This song was written in a songwriting frenzy in which I wrote 3 songs in one evening. I think I sent this first take to my friend Steve, who himself, is a bit a an environmentalist when it suits him. I was hoping that he would like it. He didn't and seemed to focus on the title of the song When Mother Nature Plays Her Evil Tricks. Stevie quite rightly pointed out that events like earthquakes and Tsunami's are not evil tricks but just nature. Well of course Steve is right in that respect, however I guess he may have missed the real message which I was attempting to get across in this song, that being that our planet earth inclusive all the things and beings on it, is a very temporary place. That is, if you look at it in a macro sense, and knowing that the whole planet and solar system we live we ultimately self destruct. Further it probes into our current behaviour as humans and how we literally 'slash and burn” our way into the future, with very little regard for practically anything except our immediate needs or what we believe our needs are. I try to bring our disregard for the environment, animals and fish stocks into comparison with how mother nature treats us now and again when the planet stirs itself with earthquakes, Tsunami's etc and how we are shit scared when we find ourselves on the receiving end of these type of events.

By the way, I eat meat and fish too and enjoy it while it lasts!