Mother Nature Music & Lyrics Chris James C2012

The world is a kind of crazy play, there are many rights and wrongs

War is never far away, while the food chain is complex and long

And we are just a tiny dot within the universe

A temporary existance, that's our planet earth

When the human race goes fishing, we dont just take a rod

We take to sea with a thousand trawlers to fish up all the cod

And when people go out hunting

They dont just use a spear to shoot those yellow tags into cows ears

The earth is ever revolving, its spinning round and round

Tectonic plates move move around

Some go up and some go down down,

Thats when the earth starts trembling and buildings come crashing down

When the force of nature walks on into town

When mother nature gets upset, the sea bobs up and down

Massive waves come rolling in, rolling into town

That's when people get frightened, their scared out of their wits

When mother nature plays her little tricks