A Thought For Another Time        music & lyrics chris james



There is a place somewhere that I want to see

And I want to see it with you

Not right now, not even next year

For we both have many things to attend to


There are dark streets to wander

And there's people to meet

There will be breakup's and indifference

While the world is at your feet


Yes there is money to squander

And there is music to make

While being spotted through a telescope

Having sex, with yourself, in a boat, on the lake


Oh the sirenes are howling

The police had arrived

They're looking for a maniac

And your the only one they can find!

So you row your boat ashore

To give yourself in

Just remember that embarrassment

Is not equal to sin!


Well when we're old and gray

And have mellowed our ways

I hope we'll find some time to spend as two

But until that day, just this I will say:

Enjoy your life, but let life,.. enjoy you