Love You For Ever -  Background Information


This song was written in early 2011 inspired by my wife Susette. As a songwriter when you are emotionally moved by something or someone thenyou may be inspired to write a song. However there is also a lazy man's alternative to writing a new song and that is to reuse something that you have previously written which kind of fits the emotion or situation. When I started my relationship with my wife in 2000 I guess I was not writing too many songs. In fact that period without songs would last approximately 12 years in total before I resumed writing in 2009. You guessed it, completely overwhelmed by emotions around my new relationship I took the easy way out not being able to compose something new. I reused a song I had previously written entitle Lulaby. The song was a good fit for how I felt at the time, however let me warn any Songwriter out there, adapting a previously written song to woo the love of your life is not the best way to impress her. Although Susette was very polite I think I did notice that she would have much preferred a brand new song. So 12 years later, and finally back into the swing of songwriting I did write a song exclusively for her.

The song is very melodic and I would definitely place it in the Country Music category. However there is a thin line between a song sounding country like or christian like. I would rather my song sound country-like. Hence I am still playing around with the harmonies trying to avoid it becoming too angelic if you know what I mean.

Ideally the song should be sung in a 3 part close harmony but I am still looking for the right harmony parts. To be continued in 2012.