Love You For Ever music & lyrics by Chris James C2011

Will I still love you tomorrow

Just like I love you today

I have to push back my sorrows

Now you are so far away

Most surely, I´ll love you for ever

To the end and right from the start

Outside my heart, you are never

No matter how far we´re apart

Yesterday I found your letter

I read it through a hundred times

I hope your life soon gets better

Now that I´m out of your sight

Maybe youll meet someone new soon

I hope he´s good for you too

But now my heart lies in shatters

Dreaming & thinking of you

Help me no longer I beg you

Please take this burden away

Dont worry, that's life, shit happens

There is no real reason to stay

Just sit back and see where life takes you

Over the seas far away

A promise of love I can grant you

No matter how long I must wait