A Friend Of  The Triangle Player    music & lyrics by Chris James C1994


I travel around from town to town

I'm always where the action's at

I'll turn up for a concert

Without a ticket, tie or hat

But I'll always have a ready story

To tell that dummy on the door

'Cause I'm a friend of the triangle player

Should he need to know more


It's not always that easy you know

In fact sometimes it can be hard

But I never take "no" for an answer

And that's how I got this far

If I can't get in through the front door

Then I'll find my way 'round the back

For I'm a friend of the triangle player

No more, no less than that


Yes I do meet many women

They are a hazard of this trade

You see they all love a musician

Why my life is truly made

Sometimes it's just an autograph

Otherwise it's straight to bed

Cause  I'm a friend of the triangle player

I bet they aint screwed many of them


I have found entrance to many places

But the White House was my best

And as I stepped forward to meet the president

While security just held their breath

Bill looked kind of uneasy 

As no-one seemed to know my name

I said I'm a friend of the triangle player

Just smile and shake my hand


Well this is where the song was supposed to end

But I wrote this last verse late

It almost missed the CD

But it's heard best right here on stage

This song is a tribute

To a good old friend of mine

And he's a damn good triangle player

And he's standing right by my side