Could This Be Love    Music & Lyrics Chris James  1978


So many people

So many lives

How can your heart beat

When there’s nothing inside

Waiting for someone

Just like you

To come around

And pull me through


Well is this love

I think this is love

Could this be love

Yes this is love


Empty and wasted

Head in the clouds

No sense of meaning

Nothing to doubt

Walking for hours

On solid ground

Hands in my pockets

And thinking out load


Yes this is love

Wow this is love


Wasted and weary

Im left all alone

Watching your shadow

Wishing you’d come home

Then all of a sudden

You re-appear

Is it a mirage

No. you’re really here


Yes this is love

Wow this is love


The past is behind me

I dry my eyes

All these tears

For you I cried

You were that someone

Who entered my life

Triggered my passion

And now Im alive


Yes this love

Wow this is love.