Cardiff Revisited        music & lyrics by chris james 1997


Walking through deserted streets

The rain pouring down

Some soaked faced people looking miserable

No smiles to be found

But my spirit is at an all time high

For this ain't no foreign place

This is my homely ground


Back again, back again, back again


There's a church on the corner

The one I used to attend

It's where I learned to sing a song

And throw my voice in tune

And do all those naughty things

That choirboys do

Except sex with the vicar

For he was heterosexual too


Back again, back again, back again


Across the football park that we used to call "The Rec"

Then through the flower gardens

Into the wildies next

We cross the road to Roath Park Lake

Roses full in bloom

Some broken glazed greenhouses

From stones that we once threw


The river Taff still runs through the center of the old town

And Cardiff Castle is still standing in its grounds


But Cardiff's City Centre is no longer the same

St. Davids cultural temple and a shopping mall maze

A project developer's paradise

A citizen's hell

But no-one stops things changing

And I guess that's just as well


Back again, back again, back again