Building Bridges                        music & lyrics by Chris James 1997                                                 


Our project was doomed for failure
Before we even tried
We could not reach consensus
On choosing a design
Because our allocated time
Was running out real fast
We marched outside to get it done
And give it all our best



But building bridges ain't no easy thing to do
With building bridges we bit off more than we could chew!

Frits was doing the talking
You could hear him miles away
With arms stretched out and fingers pointing
He tried to save the day
But nobody was listening
We did not hear a word
For we all knew deep down inside
That it would never work




Dee was getting so frustrated
We blew away his plan
He wanted to replace the poles with strings
Which might have work out well
But Dee had lost some credit
On the night before

Marching at strictly 60 degrees
Swiftly across the moors.



Joost had become visably impatient
He even got involved
Which did not help us in the least
Our problem remained unresolved
I guess we're just loyal group
Just like the one before
Not like those juvenile delinquents
God I bet that man is bored

The Psycology department looked on and seemd amused
Jotting down their learned notes that they would later use
In a personal confrontation
With two of them and just you
And you don't stand a chance in hell
Cause they've sussed you through and through

Well the moral of this story is hidden here in the tail
If you want to build a bridge
You just have to prevail
But we just International Business People
Not International Business Machines
And that is were I lay my case to rest
Now all has been said and seen.

Building bridges is no easy thing to do
Building bridges we bit off more than we could chew
Building bridges is no easy thing to do
Especially when that bridge is between me and you.