The (Etersheim) Blues                Music & Lyrics Chris James

You really broke my heart babe
When you left me last time
I cant even try to explain
Exactly how you made me feel
I thought our love was so strong
But thats not how you feel
Cause now you´ve left me
And gone away

I woke up this morning
I read your letter
Telling me how hard you tried
To keep on loving me
It was a hard time
All those lonely nights
You stayed at home and cried
Now youve left me
And gone away

Well you told me that I broke your heart girl
And baby I know I done you wrong
But now who´s got the heartbreak
I´ve got the heartbreak 
Cause you my baby, my sweet sugar
You aint coming back, no no

Well love is like a windmill 
It turns when the wind blows
And I know my love for pretty girls
Will just keep on blowing
But I miss you
and I need you so bad
Yes I need your love so bad

I need you, I need you, 
I need you so bad, 
I really need your love so bad